Slash’s Fan Page es un proyecto de origen Latinoaméricano iniciado en México.

Actualmente el Fan Page cuenta con +300,000 fans lo que nos hace hasta ahora el movimiento latinoamericano con mas seguidores en el mundo.

Compartir e instruir es nuestra meta.


Slash's fan page

En Slash Army LATAM/Slash’s Fan Page procuramos dar los créditos necesarios; si por alguna razón en alguna entrada no se dio crédito y lo identificas como tuyo hazlo saber.

2 pensamientos en “Contacto

  1. Hi,

    No escribo bien en español!!
    ojala que intiendes todo

    I am writing to let you know that we are releasing Bang Bang’s 1st single featuring Slash on Guitar. The video is an epic masterpiece directed by Troy Duffy (writer/director of Boondock Saints).
    Her EPK along with some behind the scenes footage will be relelased on June 1st, followed by the video on July 15th.
    We would love to set up an interview with Bang Bang and you about her and how she went from Sleeping in Union Station and 3 weeks later shooting a 50k video with Slash .

    We have done this completely independent . The video is 1 year in the making. PLease let us know if you are interested in interviewing Bang Bang.

    In the mean time , here’s a couple links to check out what I’m talking about.
    Thank You!!
    Big Chris Flores

    Rehab Studio

    • Hi Chris,

      I totally understand english don’t worry.

      I’m honored. Of course I’m interested on making an interview with Bang Bang. When, how and where would it be?

      I’m aware of the video and tons of fans are curious about it, just because everybody says it will be epic.

      Thanks for getting in touch.


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